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In this blog, we decided to introduce the best libraries we found in the depths of the Amazon and we present to you in our ZedHouses online store. 

We are constantly sharing blog posts. We have 4 blog sites as you know and we are making new shares from each of them. Of course, since these sites are new, the number of visitors is not in the size we expect. But we hope that more visitors will visit our pages, and we will share the work we do and the products we publish better with you. In this way, we will try to do better things within the framework of your criticism and comments.

If we freeze to our topic; we have a very diverse collection. The level of indifference that our library collection does not really deserve extends to us. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to these beautiful bookcases and present them in more detail. 

If you like reading books and the cozy atmosphere of books, if you want to display your decorative little sculptures on it and create a harmony with your books, you are at the right place.

How much can a library change a house? We answer; quite.

So let's examine the most beautiful and stylish libraries produced by local manufacturers in the depths of Amazon.

1- Julian Bowen Tall Bookcase, Grey/Oak | ZedHouses

Julian Bowen is one of the rare brands that managed to get our attention on Amazon. We found the lines, design, materials used and workmanship very successful. Its products create a simple and elegant environment. For example, when you put the library in this picture in the living room, you can find what you are looking for, neither more nor less. This library, which is currently available in gray/oak, is produced in white as in the photo. The wood color and the main color on the gray/oak provide a perfect contrast. ZedHouses finds the best for you, as usual. You can order this library made from the tree with peace of mind.
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2- Homfa Sideboard Storage Cabinet | ZedHouses

We have just discovered the Homfa brand. As we told you, at first glance, it is very difficult to find the good product in the Amazon. We do months to find the product we want. This unique and simple design of Homfa is perfect. This is very useful with bookshelf shelves and cover division. In addition, the wooden legs display a decorative image. Homfa makes the material selection and produces meticulously. This bookcase is not too long and has an average library size of 119 cm. It is a very suitable bookshelf selection for children's rooms. A very nice library where you can stack books, textures, decorative products in your room.
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3- Homfa Ladder Shelf Bookcase | Zedhouses

We have said that we like the products of the Homfa brand and that we display it in our online store. We also introduce bookshelf, which is the product of another Homfa brand. This bookshelf we introduced serves and uses many more purposes. An incredibly useful bookshelf where you can put your books and decorative materials in your living room, kitchen items in your kitchen, flowers on your balcony, and even shoes at the entrance of the house. With its black metal frame and brown wood shelves, it adds an excellent decorative atmosphere. 
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4- Mobili Fiver, Laminate-faced, Rachele, Bookcase | ZedHouses

ZedHouses once again found another excellent brand. Mobili Fiver. They do excellent work and produce very stylish products. Their designs resembling flat woven concrete attracted our attention and we examined their products. We were lucky, because many products of the same design were available on Amazon. We added their products to ZedHouses without wasting time. We hope that they and you users also win. Made of  laminate-faced wood with a Concrete effect. I will give you a secret about this product; These bookshelf 2.04 cm in height can be used to separate studio flats and provide a perfect decorative atmosphere as you see below.
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5- VASAGLE 7-Compartment Bookcase & Bookshelf | ZedHouses

Compartment Bookcase, which is another bookshelf of VASAGLE brand, matches very well and contrasts especially with white colors. It is average in size and does not take up much space. So you can position it next to the work tables. 
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