Furniture Trends To Expect In 2021

Furniture Trends To Expect In 2021

Furniture Trends To Expect In 2021: The Latest In Interior Design


The thing about trends and styles is that they keep on changing every few years. What may be in right now may not be in trend a few months or years later. However, some items remain classic, and trends can be predicted. 

Here are the top furniture trends that we can expect to see in 2021. They will be a part of many residential and commercial properties in the coming year. 

#1. Sustainable Materials 

There has been a growing trend of sustainability for the past few years, and this trend will keep on increasing. So, you can brace yourself to see home decoration items and furniture in materials such as rattan, wicker, bamboo, and other recycled materials. 

Such furniture items will be stylish, unique, and friendly to the environment. These items are known for bringing natural elements to the home, which has been a big part of interior design in 2020. It will only increase next year. 

#2. Metal Furniture 


While solid wood furniture is a classic, metal furniture will take the market by storm next year. From TV desks to coffee tables to bookcases, you will see everything in metal. The best part is that metal furniture is incredibly diverse. 

If you want an industrial design, you can opt for black metal furniture. However, if you want to add a touch of glam to your room, you can opt for gold, brass, or silver. There has been an increasing trend of luxe gold console tables, armchairs, dining tables, and dining chairs. 

You can expect to see more of these in the coming year with even better designs and intricate work. 

#3. Upholstered Beds 

Upholstered beds are incredibly cozy and comfortable. They add warmth to the bedroom, and many people have recently turned towards an upholstered headboard or bed. It is a timeless and classic look that can make any bedroom look elegant.

The trend came back again a few years ago, and this time it is here to stay. 2021 will be a comeback year for upholstered beds in many varieties such as leather, velvet, linen, and many other fabrics. Be ready to see them in many bold colors too. 

Upholstered Beds

#4. Curved Furniture 

In recent years, we see a comeback of the trends from the 80s. These include curved sofas, wood chairs, footstools, and many other items. That is because many people have become bored with the same circular and rectangular design of furniture. 

Retro Designer Curved Fabric Sofa

Everyone needs a change, and we see a surge in cyclical designs of furniture. Many people are looking for unique pieces with unique designs and shapes. There will be a focus on statement furniture pieces with unique shapes that will be the heart of furniture design in 2021. 

#5. Mix Of Modern And Traditional Detailing 

Contemporary furniture pieces with traditional detailing have seen an increase this year. Many furniture makers are mixing both traditional and modern elements to give a unique look to various pieces. We can expect to see more intricate detailing on contemporary furniture items. 

Many furniture and decorative items such as a bookshelf, armchairs, kitchen furniture, and home office furniture will experience a mix of modern and traditional. The old is becoming new again, and we can't wait to see what the next year has in store for such furniture designs. 

#6. Modern Lighting Designs 

The right lighting fixtures can complete the look of a room. They can bring together different elements of the furniture and tie it all up nicely. In recent years, we have seen an increasing trend of industrial and modern lighting fixtures. 

They are a big part of the restaurant and café business, and they are everywhere now. This trend will increase in 2021 too. However, we will also see Art Deco and French modern lighting designs in the coming years. 

So, brace yourself for the most amazing lamps and lighting fixtures that will add a dash of personality and authenticity to any room. 


#7. Large Mirrors 

While small mirrors are perfect for a vanity dresser, large mirrors are all the rage these days. They are incredibly versatile because they can be used as statement pieces and as a décor element. One thing is a guarantee with a large mirror, and that is they become the center of attention in any room they are in. 

Many people have started keeping large mirrors in different areas such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, living room, and their bedrooms. They easily become the focal point of the room and add a touch of glam to the room's interior design. 


#8. Outdoor Furniture 

Prepare your patio or deck for 2021 because outdoor furniture is coming back with a bang. Since we are all in our homes now, there has been an increase in outdoor furniture sales as people want to sit outside in their homes. 

Many brands have introduced outdoor furniture lines this year, and we can expect to see an increase in 2021. Interior designers are also mixing outdoor and indoor furniture to create unique looks for various rooms. Such unique looks will be a major part of the coming year. 

Garden Furniture Set

#9. Bold Colors And Patterns 

Vibrant furniture is in these days. Many people opt for bold colored sofas and armchairs to add some personality to their rooms, and this trend will continue in the coming year. It is a big part of mid-century modern furniture and is not going away anytime soon. 

So, you will see many bold patterns, rich textures, and other brightly colored furniture items. People are bored with neutral and monochromatic palettes, so this will be a massive shift. 

Final Words 

These are the latest furniture trends in interior design. They have been a big part of recent years, and these trends are here to stay for the coming years. If you are looking for some home improvement, then start with these furniture items. 

They are set to make any room look unique, and you can mix and match to create the style you want. If you want all these trendy pieces, then feel free to browse through our collection now. 

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