CHRISTOW Santa Sleigh Reindeer Rope Light Flashing LED Outdoor Christmas Decoration (300cm x 90cm)




Color: Multi Coloured


  • MULTI-COLOURED ROPE LIGHT DECORATION: Make your home look magical at Christmas with this Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer Rope Light from Christow. The multi-coloured rope light decoration is shaped like Santa riding on his sleigh and being pulled along by three of his reindeer. It has a freestanding design and measures L300cm x H90cm (approx.).
  • FLASHING LED REINDEERS: The rope light decoration has a button which allows you to turn its flash function on and off. When the function is turned on, each reindeer lights up one after the other to create an eye-catching light display. First, the reindeer at the back flashes on and off, followed by the reindeer in the middle, followed by the reindeer at the front.
  • MAINS-POWERED WITH 5-METRE CABLE: The rope light decoration is powered by a UK BS IP44 plug which is suitable for plugging into an indoor mains socket. It’s also suitable for plugging into an IP66-rated weatherproof outdoor socket. A 5-metre power cable allows you to easily plug it into an indoor socket if you’re displaying it outside your home.
  • STURDY FREESTANDING DESIGN: Each section of the rope light decoration has a folding stand on the back to easily stand upright on your lawn (the sleigh has a stand and all three reindeers have a stand). Should you wish to mount the decoration to a wall, we suggest hanging the frame that the rope lighting is attached to using strong metal screw hooks.
  • STAKES & CABLE TIES INCLUDED: Because the rope light decoration is designed for a lawn display, a set of U-shaped ground stakes and cable ties are included. The ground stakes and ties can be used to secure the sleigh and reindeers to your lawn and protect them from being blown over by the wind. This will ensure they stay in place all Christmas.

Details: Light up everyone’s Christmas Day with this Christow LED Santa Sleigh & Reindeer Rope Light. Measuring a massive 3m long when set up outside your home, the silhouette features Santa Claus riding on the back of his sleigh and being pulled along be three of his reindeers. Santa and his reindeers have stands on the back to prop up right in your front garden and create a fabulous front of house display. You can also attach the rope lights to an exterior wall using the frames that they’re attached to. A 5m cable with a BS IP44 transformer plug allows you to easily plug the silhouette lights into an indoor socket when illuminating an outdoor space. The transformer has a flash speed control to select different flash effects, including a dazzling chase sequence where Santa lights up first, followed by his reindeers. Specifications: LED rope light santa and sleigh light up red, green and cool white / LED rope light reindeers light up warm white with red reigns / Can be propped upright using pre-attached stands / Can be mounted to wall using frames that they’re attached to / Powered by BS IP44 transformer plug / Flash speed control to select flash and chase effects / Santa & Sleigh dimensions (cm): L73 x H83 / Reindeer dimensions (cm): L79.5 x H90 Side by side dimensions (cm): L300 x H90 (approx.) / Plug suitable for indoor socket / Suitable for displaying inside or outside your home.

EAN: 5031470210144

Package Dimensions: 42.1 x 34.3 x 3.7 inches

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