Shooting Star Rope Light Flashing LED Outdoor Christmas Decoration 220cm x 88cm Christow




Color: Warm White


  • SHOOTING STAR SCENE CHRISTMAS LIGHT: Make your home look magical at Christmas with this Shooting Star Scene Rope Light from Christow. Shaped using ice white and warm white LED rope lighting, the wall-mountable decoration measures H88cm x W220cm (approx.) and is a beautiful way to brighten the front of your home at Christmas.
  • EMITS A BRIGHTER, CRISPER GLOW: The shooting star scene is made from milk-coloured rope light tubing which emits a crisper, brighter glow than the clear-coloured tubing commonly used for Christmas decorations. When the LEDs shine through the milk tubing, they stand out spectacularly from a distance to create a more visually striking silhouette.
  • 8 FLASH EFFECTS WITH MEMORY FUNCTION: Choose from 8 flash effects, including twinkle and slow glow. Each setting creates the illusion that the stars are shooting from the sky to create an eye-catching display. A memory function automatically memorises the last effect you selected, so you don’t have to search for it when you turn the light back on.
  • MAINS-POWERED WITH 5-METRE CABLE: The rope light decoration is powered by a UK BS IP44 plug which is suitable for plugging into an indoor mains socket. It’s also suitable for plugging into an IP66-rated weatherproof outdoor socket. A 5-metre power cable allows you to easily plug the star scene into an indoor socket when displaying it outside your home.
  • EASILY WALL-MOUNTABLE: The rope lighting is attached to a frame which has mounting holes to easily mount to an exterior wall. As well as screwing it directly to a wall, you can hang it using screw hooks. The frame can also be folded in half to easily store away when the festive season is over. When folded in half, it measures H88cm x W110cm (approx.).

Details: Give your home a festive glow with this LED Flashing Star Scene Rope Light from Christow. Symmetrically shaped using 19-metres of rope lighting and 456 white and warm white LEDs, it contains eight stars which shoot from the sky to create a stunning front of house display.Vibrant Light Effect The wall-mountable shooting star rope light silhouette is made from milk-coloured tubing. This style of rope lighting emits a crisp, neon-style glow to create a clear and striking festive feature.8 Flash Effects  Simply press the button on the transformer control to choose from eight light settings, including a stunning chaser effect which makes it look like the stars are shooting from the sky.  Memory Function  There's no need to fiddle around and find your favourite setting when you switch the light back on. Thanks to its fuss-free memory function, it automatically returns to the last one you chose.  Extra-Long 5m Lead  The light is mains-powered with a 5-metre lead to easily plug indoors when decorating outdoor spaces. Because the lead is black, it's less noticeable when the sun goes down at night.  BS IP44 Transformer Plug  The lead is fitted with a BS IP44 rated transformer plug which is suitable for plugging into an indoor mains socket or an IP66 rated exterior socket with a weatherproof casing.  Wall-Mountable Design  The rope light has a two-sided frame with mounting holes on the top to securely screw onto a wall. When the festive season is over, you can fold the frame in half to easily store away.Specifications Dimensions: L220cm x H88cm For indoor and outdoor display

Package Dimensions: 44.5 x 35.4 x 2.2 inches

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