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ZedHouses | Stay Safe Reusable Face Mask Protection 

Brand: Delfina

Color: Black Shadow


  • Adjustable metal nose bridge to ensure secure but comfortable fit for all nose shapes
  • Tie-able elastic ear loops to ensure a secure comfortable fit
  • The mask has a woven pocket for replaceable inserts
  • Perfect to protect your airways from pollution and allergens in the air
  • Each mask comes in an individually sealed bag

Details: If you want a high quality product that works and looks good, this is the item for you. This item is perfect to protect your airways from dust, pollen, ash, fog, haze, vehicle exhaust and passive smoking. This mask consists of a number of features that allow for the most comfortable and secure fit but please note this is a "one size fits most" product and is not guaranteed to fit everyone. Mask features: Adjustable nose bridge that can be shaped around the user's nose to ensure a secure but comfortable seal Tie-able elastic ear straps to ensure a superior fit for all users The mask is made from 40% cotton 60% Polyester fabric and comes in a range of colourful designs. Woven pocket to hold replaceable inserts The mask is washable. Please tie elastic straps before washing to ensure the spandex does not unravel. Please note, spandex is likely to degrade over time when repeatedly washed at high temperatures or in fast spin cycles

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