Gadgy ® Hot Air Popcorn Maker l Low-Calorie & Fat-Free



Gadgy ® Hot Air Popcorn Maker l Low-Calorie & Fat-Free

Brand: Gadgy

Colour: Red


  • New POPCORN AT HOME: Bring the magnificent aroma of new popcorn to your home. This astounding retro popcorn popper is a genuine eyecatcher and ideal for any gathering!
  • Simple TO BRING WITH YOU: Great to put in your home, wonderful to take with you! Bring the pop corn creator machine to your next gathering and let your family or companions taste the delightful popcorn!
  • WITHOUT OIL AND BUTTER: Stop eating oily popcorn! This machine creates new, fresh popcorn utilizing hot air as it were. There is no margarine or oil required by any stretch of the imagination! Solid popcorn for calorie-cognizant film sweethearts.
  • Simple TO USE: Put the popcorn pieces in the hot air popcorn producer and press the beginning catch; there isn't anything more to it! Simple TO CLEAN: essentially cleaning it with a bit of fabric is adequate.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Perfectly reasonable for a film night, a low-calorie tidbit when your companions come over, or at whatever point you extravagant a delectable bite!

Gadgy ® Hot Air Popcorn Maker l Low-Calorie & Fat-Free l Retro Popcorn Machine

Product Description: Do you need a straightforward, quick approach to make new popcorn home? Other than delivering delightful, fresh popcorn in under several minutes, the popcorn creator creates the popcorn in a solid way too! The machine uses hot, flowing air contradicted to the customary strategy that incorporates oily oil and spread. Inside the space of minutes you will see the popping corn fall into your bowl or popcorn packs. As a little something extra; you can begin enhancing the popcorn with salt, sugar, syrup or popcorn flavors! - A genuine eye-catcher and ideal for any gathering - Easy to utilize: put the popcorn portions in the machine and essentially turn it on with one catch - Easy to clean: cleaning it with a bit of material is adequate - Small and light, simple to take anyplace - Contains the standard UK plug - Due to the hot air there is no fat, oil or margarine included - Fun for the whole family ensured! Bring the soul of film and funfair home and appreciate the heavenly smell and taste of firm new popcorn! What are you sitting tight for? Snap on "Add to crate" and request your popcorn machine today!

Box Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.9 x 5.7 inches

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