The Furniture Outlet Hampshire Blue Painted Oak Small TV Unit



The Furniture Outlet Hampshire Blue Painted Oak Small TV Unit

Brand: The Furniture Outlet

Colour: Blue


  • Produced using Oak and Pine
  • W: 91cm x D: 37cm x H: 50cm
  • Free Delivery and Free Returns
  • Territory England, Scotland and Wales conveyances as it were. We don't convey to Northern Ireland.
  • Thing shows up completely amassed and prepared to utilize.

Product Description: I'm speculating that you didn't understand you required blue furniture in your life as of not long ago. In any case, since you've seen it, it's tossed somewhat of a spanner underway hasn't it? Hampshire Blue is a magnificent scope of naval force blue Living and Dining Room Furniture that is certain to rejuvenate your home. Differentiating superbly against a light foundation to make an advanced house, or consolidating wonderfully with more obscure encompasses to summon sentiments of comfort and solace, this staggering painted oak Collection is more adaptable than it might at first show up. A stout oak top - far chunkier than other painted oak assortments - adds some conventional natural appeal to every thing while a contemporary contort is included by the smooth round chrome cup handle that is so stylish at this moment. On the off chance that you need any all the more convincing simply investigate the inconceivably low costs. You'll be feeling anything other than blue after that!

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