Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose

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Brand: Hozelock Ltd

Color: Standard


  • Wall-mounted hose reel with self-layering design automatically rewinds the hose without any kinks
  • A 180-degree pivot allows you to reach every area of the garden
  • Can easily be removed from the wall bracket allowing the unit to be stored away during winter
  • There are two side compartments, one is empty, the other contains all accessories
  • Child lock to prevent misuseComplete with all necessary fittings to connect to your tap
  • Complete with all necessary fittings to connect to your tap
  • Product dimension: 54 x 65.5 x 26.2 cm. Note: The consumer could ccontact our customer service team and they would gladly provide some bespoke assistance - consumer.service@hozelock.com

Details: Product Description The Auto Reel is easy to use. It smoothly and easily unwinds the hose enabling you to stop at any point to water. The reel’s mechanism automatically locks so that you don’t have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose simply pull the hose and the mechanism will unlock allowing you to easily water various parts of your garden. When it is time to rewind the hose, a simple tug unlatches the drum and the Auto Reel’s patented automatic rewind system takes over and neatly coils the hose with no kinks tangles or effort. The Auto Reel neatly stores and protects the hose in a tough polypropylene UV stabilised case ensuring the hose remains protected and therefore extends its life. The robust wall bracket allows the Auto Reel to pivot 180 degrees allowing you to reach every part of your garden. The premium, three layer, anti-kink hose ensures water gets delivered to your garden with minimal fuss. Screws and wall plugs are provided and are suitable for brick, concrete and stone. The Reel can easily be removed from the wall bracket allowing the unit to be stored away during winter. The bracket also comes with an integrated padlock function preventing the chance of theft. Every Auto Reel comes with a 5 year guarantee (when you register online) providing you with peace of mind that your Auto Reel will be watering your garden for years to come. Box Contains Includes: 1x Autoreel 1 x 40m of premium hose, and 2m feeder hose 1 x nozzle 1 x hose connector 1 x waterstop 1 x 1”/ 3/4”/ 1/2” tap connector Wall fixings

EAN: 5055942936448

Release Date: 10-01-2011

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 21.7 x 10.8 inches

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