Metal floor fan 12" High velocity chrome free stand fan cooling fan industrial fan 3 speed desk fan table fan sturdy housing high airflow powerful

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Brand: Belaco

Color: Chrome


  • 【POWERFUL】The 12” metal floor fan has 80W of power this means it is perfect for offices, large rooms and warehouses, which it would get hot and stuffy. This fan will have you, your family or you staff feeling cool within a matter of minutes.
  • 【SUPER EASY TO USE】The fan is super easy to use as it has 3 settings, each one controls the speed. The 3 settings are adjusted by the 4 buttons on top; 0 is when the fan is turned off, 1 is low speed, 2 is medium speed and 3 is high speed. It is just a push of a button to get you feeling cool again.
  • 【STYLISH】The fan is very stylish and make any office, large room and warehouse look stylish as it has a chrome finish. Your staff, family, friends and loved ones will love this fan. The blades are also made of metal so they will not break as we have implemented a strong metal grill.
  • 【FULLY ASSEMBLED & ADJUSTABLE 】The fan is hassle free and comes fully as-sembled, you just need to plug in the correct socket and start using it immediately. Fan is adjustable up and down at 120° which allows you to be able position the fan to ex-actly where you need it. This is exceptionally good if you are needing the cold air to circulate as you will be in control.
  • 【STRONG RESISTANT FEET】The fan comes equipped with rubber feet which will allow the fan to stay steady and secure on any flat surface. This will help a lot as many fans break by falling over or being knocked over, not this fan- this fan will stay upright until you move it.

Details: Belaco floor fan, elegant design, easy to operate and maintain, will be delivered fully assembled stay cool and beat the heat with belaco fan, it has Adjustable option up and down tilt 120° It has high protective metal grill with Strong resistant metal base fan has option of 3 speed with the piano type switch which make super easy to use the fan AC 220-240V, 50Hz, CE & Rohs, it comes with 3 pin British plug Blades with 30cm diameter, it is Metal body with chrome finishing

EAN: 5060598910087

Package Dimensions: 16.6 x 16.1 x 6.9 inches

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