ZedHouses Oak Solid Wood Coffee Table, Square, Handmade, Cube Shape 1002



ZedHouses Oak Solid Wood Coffee Table, Square, Handmade, Cube Shape 1002

Product Specifications: 

Brand: ZedHouses
Dimensions L x W x H: 45cm x 45cm x 50cm
Wood thickness: 4cm
Material: Oak Solid Wood, Iron
Item Colour: Oak brown, Black iron
Item Weight: 11 kg
Item Shape: Square
Assembly Required: No
Made in: Poland
Shipping: 2 working days for UK + Free Shipping for UK

ZedHouses Solid wood Coffee Table, Square, Handmade, real wood and real iron coffee table and side table for your living room 1002

Product Description: This coffee table, which we produce with the ZedHouses brand, contains real wood and real iron materials. The shape of this coffee table is formed by combining cut woods. The materials we have used are very heavy as they are handcrafted. Each product has manual labor. So to speak, we produce products that are upbringing and long-lasting. These coffee tables have a weight of 11 kg. For this reason, you can understand the quality of the material used. It is easy to install. You can easily install it with any screwdriver or drill. This design, which we call industrial style, is very popular and is used in the most decorative interiors. You can use it as both a coffee table and a side table. The harmony of wood and black will transform your living room and give it a new style. You will be able to save this table for your children or even your grandchildren. Real wood is never out of fashion. That's why this coffee table is the right choice for you.
We make the products by ourselves, pack them and ship them by ourselves. Therefore, there is manual labor in every product. You cannot see an industrial packaging when you start and install the product, but we can vouch that you will be extremely satisfied.

Thank you for choosing us now, we wish you to use it on the most beautiful days.

EAN: 9502469741537

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