ZedHouses Solid Wood Handmade Clothing Rack for Nursery White 1014



ZedHouses Solid Wood Handmade Clothing Rack  for Nursery Hanger 1014

Brand: ZedHouses
Dimensions L x W x H:  
108cm x 114cm x 34cm
Solid Wood
Item Color: 
Item Weight: 
7 kg
Assembly Required: 
Made in: 
Shipping: 2 working days for UK + Free Shipping for UK

Product Description: This very trendy clothing rack is made of solid wood. You can arrange the shoes under the section. This decorative clothing rack is handmade. It is robust and in good condition. You can use it until your child is an adult. You can then use it for other decorative purposes or sell it. It is very durable.

EAN: 9508181258643

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