0.24L Coffee Maker Mini Semi‑Automatic 5Bar Pump Milk Frother Stainless Steel Filter Screen Coffee Machine Red 220V 800W 50Hz(UK Plug)



Brand: Cikonielf

Color: Uk Plug


  • ➣ Semi‑automatic coffee machine, with function knob, supports coffee brewing, milk frothing and pressure relief functions.
  • ➣ Using rotating high‑pressure steam milk frothing system, 140℃ of precise temperature control, strong steam.
  • ➣ With stainless steel filter screen, metal die‑cast 0.25mm fine filter mesh hole, easy to make coffee grease.
  • ➣ Full integrate steam, air, and milk to produce dense milk foam, which is convenient for making coffee latte art.
  • ➣ A safety relief valve is built into the top cover of the coffee machine, which can automatically relieve pressure when the steam is too large.

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