2POUR® The New Dual Press Accessory for The Aeropress® Coffee Maker, Delter Coffee Press or Pourover (Black)



Brand: 2POUR

Color: Black


  • 2POUR is a simple, well-designed accessory for the Aeropress coffee maker, Delter Coffee Press or your favourite Pourover, that allows you to make two cups of 8oz coffee from just one single brew.
  • Born from a desire to create beautiful, functional products the new 2POUR has been carefully designed to further enhance your coffee brewing experience.
  • When designing the 2POUR our main goal was to ensure that it remained in line with the same principles of the Aeropress coffee maker, Delter Coffee Press and Pourover brew; harvesting smooth, rich coffee in just a few minutes.
  • We’ve taken very subtle design influences from both the portafilter (used on commercial coffee machines) and the Chemex style pour-over brewer – resulting in a new, but familiar 2POUR which is equally at home on your countertop.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, using the 2POUR impacts on your coffee routine very little and requires minimal setup; all you need to do is put either your Aeropress, Delter Coffee Press, or Pourover on top, it’s that easy!

Details: Features of the 2POUR

Reusable. We believe in buying once, buying better. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either; we are committed to ensuring everything we design is made to last and at an affordable cost for all. The 2POUR; has been designed to last a long time; meaning you'll only ever have to buy one, that is, unless you are buying one for a friend too.

Washable. We designed the 2POUR; not only for a great coffee brewing experience but we also made it super easy to clean. The product is a single-unit design with no removable parts, resulting in a quick and easy cleaning experience with most household cleaning cloths.

Easy to use. It was really important for us to design the 2POUR; so that when combined with the Aeropress or Pourover; it has little to no impact on the original brewing experience; meaning, 'less fussing, more sipping!'; but this time, with friends!

EAN: 1543219197295

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 5.0 x 4.6 inches

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