384 x 288 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for Android Micro USB or USB-C Smartphone with 25 HZ,Hti-Xintai thermal camera



Brand: Hti-Xintai


  • Advanced Infrared Technology – This camera thermal imaging gets a more in-depth image by utilizing infrared photos or videos in real time that let you measure energy loss, surrounding heat, electrical hot spots, and much more.
  • Smartphone App Support – Our handheld thermal camera system is compatible with any Android operating system and connects to your cellphone via a quick access USB port for plug and play convenience that’s perfect for personal or professional use.
  • Quick Adjust Focus – Each thermal imagine camera features a high IR resolution of 384 x 288 and lets you easily adjust the focus for improved clarity and visual consistency when viewing different objects or environments.
  • Capture Images or video in Real Time with 25 HZ – Hti-Xintai handheld thermal cameras let you take pictures or videos with true accuracy. In fact, it’s the sharpest mobile thermal imaging possible for personal grade use.
  • Innovative Temperature Analysis – This camera thermal imager uses point, linear, and regional temperature measurements to help you determine low, high, and core temperatures within self-defined points as a standard. WARRANTY: We offer hassle-free after-sale services: 60-Day money back guarantee, 24 month

Details: Measure temperature and view it in real time with a thermal camera imaging system from Hti-Xintai. Whether you’re an inspector checking on HVAC repairs, an electrician testing panels, or you want to search for and prevent water damage, nothing gives you the smart and effective support of a Hti-Xintai Thermal Camera. Designed to measure invisible electromagnetic bands on the spectrum, this infrared thermal camera helps see what the naked eye can’t—including radiant heat, longer wavelengths, and reflective thermal imaging. In other words, it helps you take a more in-depth look at the world around you with information that can help prevent overheating, HVAC problems, or other day to day heat related issues. No batteries requirement, wider view angel, and professional grade support these thermal cameras provide you with enhanced clarity in both video and photos for mobile thermal image quality you won’t find anywhere else. Technical Parameters: Infrared image resolution: 384 x 288         Temperature range:-20 ° C ~ 400 ° C  accuracy: ±2°C   Lens: 13 mm Working Wavelength Range : 8 – 14μm NETD: ≤60 mK Frame rate: 25 Hz    Video Recording / Photo: Support Interface Type:  Micro USB  or Type-C Get this Hti-Xintai Thermal Camera system today and get a closer look at the world around you with high definition thermal image clarity by clicking Add to Cart above now.

EAN: 6404600942458

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches

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