Aifeel Die-cast Aluminum Stand Mixer - 1500W

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Aifeel Die-cast Aluminum Stand Mixer - 1500W


Colour: Aifeel Die-cast Stand Mixer - 1500w 2 in 1(black)


  • 🍀The head part of this batter blenders is produced using aluminum and handled with pass on projecting, which is more steady and solid while working with hostile to slip foot. Furthermore, the brushed surface shields the machine from oily unique mark.
  • 🍀LCD screen show time and speed,household electric Auto head-up kitchen blender with 5.5L inside brushed food-grade hardened steel blending bowl , which can address the issues of enormous limit with regards to one-time mixing and is anything but difficult to clean.
  • 🍀1500 watt amazing engine with warm over-burden protection,planetary mixing structure constructed in,so that the food in the bowl is completely mixed, accordingly saved working time for noodles, mixing and mincing with better working impact.
  • 🍀4-in-1 multi practical food blender with 2 sources to associate wire whip, mixture snare, level mixer, meat processor, hotdog producer. Amazing kitchen apparatus with wonderful working satisfies every one of your needs and gives new food to you, your darling and your relatives in 6-8 minutes.
  • 🍀Anti-slip root keeps the machine stable and the vents diffuse warmth while running. Also, the pot cover forestalls food materials sprinkling around and secure the wellbeing for emptying materials into blending bowls during working. Which is amazingly Safe and helpful for your ideal plans.

Aifeel Die-cast Aluminum Stand Mixer - 1500W 4 in 1 Multi Functional Kitchen Machine with 5.5L Food Grade Bowl, Food Grinder

Product description:  AIFEEL proficient 1500W amazing family Aluminum Die Cast Stand Mixer with food processor, turning the bowl 360°for wonderful blend result. 7 Optional Accessories for Various Mixing or Grinding things' working. Occupations. Batter snare - substantial combinations (an assortment of breads, pizza, pasta thus on.).Flat blender - medium-weighty combinations (blending hot meat balls, plate of mixed greens and waffle dough).Whisk - light combinations (mousses, souffles and cheesecakes).Meat Grinder/Food Processor - Grinding a wide range of meats into meat balls, loosen up yourself and keep your hands from cutting.Sausage Stuffing Maker - For Italian frankfurter, summer hotdog thus on.Pasta Maker and Cookie Maker - For pasta and treat of various shapes.[Health and Fresh Recipes with convenience] The food processor Accessories are made of Food-grade material which totally protected, crush new meat for wieners and burgers. Bundling list::1*Stand Mixer Base (Die-casting)1*5.5 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl1*Dough Hook and 1* Flat Beater (Aluminum) 1* Wire Whisk (SUS Wire)1* Transparent Splash Guard1* Meat Grinder and Food Tray and Food Pusher1* Sausage Maker 1* Pasta Maker (Round and Flat and Hollow and Big Flat pasta accessory)1* Cookie Maker.It's undependable for all frill and head unit to be handled into the dishwasher!  

Aifeel Die-cast Aluminum Stand Mixer - 1500W 4 in 1 Multi Functional Kitchen Machine with 5.5L Food Grade Bowl, Food Grinder, with Some Accessories as Free Gifts - 8 Speed Settings and LCD Display                             

Notices:Never drench the base unit into water or hold under running water and switch off it and unplug the force plug prior to cleaning. Suggested formula: Dough Hook: 1.20 kgs flour + 0.66 kgs water; (Water under 55% of the flour isn't allowed.)Balloon Shaped Whisk: Can whisk 2 eggs' white in least. Wellbeing Warning 1, Overloaded working of the item is Strictly prohibited;2, Using it for a too significant time-frame which is out of breaking point is Strictly prohibited;3, Do not work it consistently for over 15 moment. Allow it to rest for 30 mins before re-using.4, Above lethal variables of Improper activity will cause disperse heat impossible.5, Unplug the charger from gadget subsequent to charging or preceding use.6, For grown-up use only.When working mixture, the water ought not be under 55% of the flour.It's undependable for all adornments and head unit to be prepared into the dishwasher!Do not utilize at least two capacities simultaneou

Box Dimensions: 17.3 x 15.5 x 11.3 inches

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