Antlu Saddle Stool Massage Rolling Work Chair

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Antlu Saddle Stool Massage Rolling Work Chair

Brand: Antlu

Colour: Black


  • Ergonomic ♬ :This seat stool seat plan for additional solace on your back and spine,this configuration diminishes difficult tension on your back.
  • Agreeable ♬: The seat pad of this moving seat stool is somewhat thicker than the traditional one, which makes it more agreeable to sit on.
  • Turn ♬ :The pads and wheels are allowed to pivot, you can utilize this seat turn stool to roll openly in the room.Suitable for kitchen, living room,office, facility, salon,etc.
  • Durable ♬:Comparing the effectively harmed plastic base, the steel base makes the stool more grounded and more burden bearing.Weight limit: 150 kg.
  • Movable stature ♬: This stool seat has a bigger scope of customizable height,from 52 to 72 cm, around 6 cm taller than ordinary stools.

Antlu Saddle Stool Massage Rolling Work Chair For Beauty Salon Kitchen Spa,Adjustable Hydraulic Stool on Wheels (Black)

Product Description: For what reason should you pick this seat stool ? To begin with, Saddle seat plan for additional solace on your back and spine, increment solace and profitability. Our seat made of 100% formed foam,very agreeable and flexible, not deformed.It can give you a decent help and long haul comfort, you can utilize it for around 8 hours every day. Second, With cutting edge innovation, the rear of the seat knead stool is smooth and round. It has no appalling line contrasted with some low-finished results, which makes the item live more. At long last, Adjustable stature: 54 cm to 74 cm, higher than customary stools, more appropriate for an assortment of situations. Simultaneously, the wheels receive the high-grade PU wheels, which are smooth and won't scratch the floor.Suitable for kitchen, living room,office, center, salon,etc. Weight limit : 150 kg

Box Dimensions: 18.5 x 17.7 x 8.5 inches

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