Baldiflex Small Memory Foam Mattress 80 x 180 cm Height 10 cm Orthopaedic Aloe Vera

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Brand: Baldiflex


  • Practical and comfortable mattress. It has a 10cm memory foam block and a padded Aloe lining.
  • Height 10 cm
  • Non-deformable, anatomical
  • Aloe Vera fabric antibacterial and anti-allergic
  • All raw material and manufacture is made in Italie


Petit H10 mattress combines comfort and practicality. Completely made in WaterFoam, innovative material characterized by a high level of breathability and high elasticity, making it non-deformable.

The thickness of the mattress is only 10 cm, allowing a perfect solution for guest bed, caravan, holiday home or boat.

The WaterFoam is also known for its exceptional thermal qualities, but also for its antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties. In addition, it is a virtually non-deformable material and therefore will not lose its quality even after prolonged use.

The fabric of the lining is aloe vera, a lining that combines healthy virtues; aloe vera to the maximum hygiene and freshness at rest.

10 year warranty on all Baldiflex products.

Delivery: Note: Colours may vary depending on availability, densities are always respected. The packaging will always be vacuum packed unless otherwise permitted.

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