Bestway Flowclear Filter Pump for 17,400 Litre Pools, 3028 Litre/Hour Flow Rate



Brand: Bestway

Color: Grey


  • Extend the life of your pool water by filtering out debris, removing microorganisms and keeping your water circulating
  • Pump is easy to install, operate and maintain with low power usage and high efficiency
  • For use with 1,100-17,400 Litre (300-4,600 gal) pools
  • Has a flow rate of 3,028 Litre/Hour (800 gal/Hour) and can be easily attached to 32 mm hose fittings
  • Compatible with Bestway filter cartridges size II

Details: Product Description Thinking of upgrading your outdoor swimming pool experience? The Flowclear filter pump is an essential piece of kit for above ground swimming pools. The filter system: Flowclear Filter pumps come with a 4.2 Inch x 5.4 Inch filter cartridge that can be simply and easily replaced. Even if you are swimming in your pool every day, a cartridge will last a minimum of two weeks and much longer if you keep your pool covered and protected. The pump system: The Flowclear 800 gal filter pump can process up to 800 gal/Hour that’s a 3,028 Litre/Hour capacity. Once the pump is connected to the pool and the filter system, the pump can push through 580 gal of water/Hour (2,195 Litre/Hour system flow rate). Ideal for Bestway pools with a volume of 1,100 Litre–17,400 Litre such as steel frame and fast set pools. Box Contains Filter pump(220-240V 32W), Pump’s water flow rate 3,028 L/h (800 gal./h), Compatible with Cartridge 58094(II), no adaptor is included, can't be connected to Φ38mm hose)

EAN: 6942138929997

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 12.2 x 11.8 inches

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