Bodum CAFFETTIERA 1913-338B-Y19 Coffee Maker



Bodum CAFFETTIERA 1913-338B-Y19 Coffee Maker

Brand: BODUM

Colour: Blue


  • Exemplary DESIGN – Classic French Press espresso creator, similar to the one planned in the fifties. Same exemplary style. Bodum still produce it with a similar careful craftsmanship utilized path back when with the first. The lone contrast in the creation cycle since the fifties is our obligation to the best expectations of ecologically right assembling, which is particularly significant during the chrome plating measure.
  • FRENCH PRESS WAY - The French Press framework has consistently been the easiest and extreme method of blending an astounding mug of espresso. Utilizing new coarse ground beans with water somewhere in the range of 92 and 96 degrees celsius draws out the absolute best in a wide range of espresso. This exemplary plan makes 3 to 12 coffee cups of espresso in only 4 minutes.
  • BPA FREE - This mug follows the FDA and LFGB food guidelines and doesn't contain BPA.
  • MADE WITH THE BEST MATERIALS - The chromed tempered steel outline shields the surface from heat harm and gives the glass container additional security. The pot is made of taste-unbiased and heat-safe borosilicate glass, with plastic handle and cover for safe taking care of.
  • 3 CUP CAPACITY – Using the CAFFETTIERA full limit, you will have the option to do 3 coffee cups or 1/2 cups of stunning hot espresso.
  • – Make Taste, Not Waste is Bodum's witticism. We will probably decrease the biological impression on the planet, our items are sturdy, made with the best materials. We don't plan or utilize any sort of expendable items, our goal is to have items that last.
  • Shading: Blue

Bodum CAFFETTIERA 1913-338B-Y19 Coffee Maker with 3 Cups 0.35 L, glass

Product Description: Gotten from the famous Bodum Chambord plan, the Caffettiera arrangement is a brilliant epitome of the brand's aphorism: a delightful plan should be utilitarian and available - Jorgen Bodum. Produced using heat safe borosilicate glass (up to 350 degrees), a special chrome metal edge that secures the glass and goes about as a stand, and a plastic top, this espresso producer has been made for more than 40 years by master experts in our Bodum manufacturing plant in Portugal. All metal parts go through various surface therapies during make, which gives them a remarkable sparkle for a long time of concentrated use. The matt polypropylene handle isn't just ergonomic and utilitarian, it gives a bright character to this espresso creator with an unflinchingly youthful and current look. Perceived as perhaps the most ideal approaches to mix espresso by roasters around the world, the French Press Bodum Piston Coffee Maker mixes your espresso flawlessly to extricate greatest smells and fundamental oils (ideal preparing time: somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 minutes). For a rich and adjusted and espresso (no paper channels, no potholders). Master guidance: utilizing newly ground coarse espresso and adding cleaned water with a temperature of somewhere in the range of 92 and 96 degrees, you will get the best outcome and an espresso to taste basically glorious. Note: Qty of espresso created is equivalent to 3 coffee cups.

Box Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.3 x 2.9 inches

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