BPIL Shaggy Rugs Soft plain Thick Pile Large Small Antiskid Area Rug (Silver, 160X230CM)



Brand: BPIL

Color: Silver


  • Pile: Polypropylene - Weave: Machine Woven - Made In: Turkey
  • 5cm Pile , Imported
  • Easy to clean, just follow these instructions: Spot clean with resolve or carpet cleaner, and regular vacuum, but don't use the beater bar - spinning brush - on the vacuum - suction-only or take it outside and shake it out - dry immediately and evenly
  • Pile: Polypropylene - Backing: Cotton - Weave: Machine Woven - Made In: Turkey
  • In case of creases - roll the rug in the opposite direction, while applying pressure to the rug - take the edge, flip it where there is a crease, and slowly pull the rug back, while applying a downward pressure on the crease

Details: Beautiful shaggy rug that has thick shaggy appearance. The presence of this shaggy rugs will provide comfort and warmth and adds beauty to your room. 100% Polypropylene material. Non shedding and easily washable. These rugs are of fine quality and for wide range of purposes as they can be placed in bedrooms, children's room, lounge rooms.

EAN: 8489795229049

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