Burton Sous Vide Water Bath Oven 13Ltr | Free Vacuum Packing Kit | Accurate Temperature



Brand: burton sous vide


  • Convenience of a complete ‘all-in-one’ Sous Vide system
  • Free vacuum sealer and reusable bags included - Ready to go!
  • Professional Chef quality yet beautifully designed for the home kitchen
  • Economical, Safe and Well Insulated with simple operation
  • Precise temperature accuracy (0.1C) with a large 13 litre food capacity. Healthier Eating | Easier Cooking | Perfect Results. FREE Delivery.

Details: The Burton Sous Vide is a restaurant quality Sous Vide cooker and offers effortless convenience on the kitchen counter top. The revolutionary Burton Sous Vide is stunningly simple. The zip lock plastic vacuum bags and manual pump supplied with the Burton Sous Vide allows cooks to seal food in air tight plastic pouches ready to be cooked in the innovative water bath, locking in unsurpassable flavour and nutrients that would be lost during other cooking methods. Included in your Burton Sous Vide starter kit is a sous vide recipe book which will help all first time sous vide cooks get started with the sous vide water oven and includes many hints and tips. A commercial, restaurant quality sous vide cooker for the home kitchen. A 13 litre food capacity allows you to cook large meals for dinner parties - steaks for the barbecue or joints for the Sunday roast - an all-in-one, ready go system. Custom graphic LCD display with a simple keypad control. Insulated tank which dramatically reduces power consumption compared with other sous vide machines (it costs just £0.005 of electricity per hour to operate the Burton Sous Vide once set temperature reached). Robust design with advanced temperature control, developed in consultation with professional chefs. A well designed adjustable food rack which keeps food held beneath the water line for consistent cooking.

Package Dimensions: 18.3 x 16.7 x 13.8 inches

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