Callow XXL Pan American White Masonry Wood Fired BBQ Grill



Brand: Callow


  • True Wood Fired BBQ Cooking - Pan American Style
  • White brick and grey refractory concrete with a powder-coated hood
  • Impressive, high quality BBQ grill - Brilliant to cook with
  • Cook over Wood Embers for a real Churrasqueira experience
  • Best ever tasting BBQ! Massive 93 x 50cm cooking area

Details: XXL Pan American Brick Masonry BBQ Grill - The Ultimate in Wood Fired BBQ Grilling. An impressive, high quality BBQ grill in grey refractory concrete with contrasting egg-white brick - this masonry BBQ is amazing to look at and brilliant to cook with. All supplied ready to build, you can assemble with a mortar or silicone adhesive (not supplied). Whilst some of the components are heavy - it is not technically difficult to assemble. Full instructions are provided. This amazing BBQ grill is ready to go, the stainless steel grill provides the true churrasqueira experience - with V-shaped slats, it allows any fat or grease to drain away from the food into a trough at the front of the grill. This helps prevent uneven cooking and flare ups which might taint food. A healthy way to cook, the design of the grill also allows you to get amazing sear marks on your meat and vegetables. The grill is suspended on chains and is raised and lowered over the heat with a crank system to control the temperature, ensuring even cooking and heat distribution. Ash is collected in a drawer for easy disposal and cleaning. The Pan American BBQ provides brilliant cooking results and can be even be used for warmth, as a log fire when you have finished cooking. Built to last a lifetime this BBQ can be used with wood, logs or charcoal. Dimensions (cm): 120 (W) x 70 (D) x 220 (H) - Weight: 850kg. This item is delivered on a pallet by lorry. Delivery time is between 2-3 weeks subject to us being able to make contact with you to discuss delivery arrangements and ensure you will be in to receive the goods.

EAN: 5606172355044

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