CANOFIX Door Canopy PC 2000W x 650P / DIY Polycarbonate Cantilever Awning/Window Door Pathway Walkway Garden Shed Porch Patio (Black Bracket - Clear Sheet)




Color: Black Bracket - Clear Sheet


  • ✔ BESPOKE SIZES: Bespoke depth(projection) and ANY length(width) up to 30 metres with one single sheet. Various projection of brackets: 650mm, 1000mm, 1270mm, and 1500mm in various colour options.

  • ✔ ROBUST STRUCTURE: Light weight and solid polycarbonate sheet, brackets and aluminium bars to cover your own property from Sun, Snow, Heavy Rain, or Hail. No damage, deformity, shrinking/swelling, deflection under extreme weather condition.

  • ✔ NO LEAKING: One-piece polycarbonate sheet covers up to 30 metres long without any cut. No need to put sealant or to weld.

  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL: Patented Clamping System allows for a seamless and neat canopy, minimising the risk of water ingress. Easy to replace new sheet or any components. Perfect for D.I.Y (Do It Yourself).

  • ✔ AFFORDABLE PRICE: Comparing to other heavy glass / steel welded fabric awning, CANOFIX offers very affordable price. Quick 1 or 2-day delivery inclusive.

Details: Canofix 2000W x 650P 2000mm Width (length): 1 single 2-metre-long 2mm polycarbonate sheet. 650mm Projection (depth): 3 brackets in 1.0 metre intervals. Key Features Ideal for a sizable garden door space. Light weight, Robust and Reasonable price. Easy to Install, Perfect for D.I.Y. Bespoke sizes: Any measurement up to 30 metres long, and 4 different bracket sizes (650mm, 1,000mm, 1270mm and 1500mm) Colour options: Sheets either Clear or Bronze. Brackets either Grey or Black Applications: Door, Windows, Garden door, Shelters, Car ports, Bike rack, Balcony, Covered stairs, Sideway, Pathway and Walkways. Package included: 3 x Polycarbonate Bracket 650 in Black or Grey 1 x Polycarbonate Sheet in Clear or Bronze (650 x 2000 x 2T) 2 x Aluminium front fixing 38Ø Bar (1000) 2 x Aluminium rear fixing 55 Bar (1000) 2 x Aluminium extra support 19Ø Bar (1000) 3 x STS - 6mm Hexagon bolts & nuts 6 x Galvanised Steel-Set Anchors 3 x Extra Stainless Self Tapping Screws 2 x PVC Gasket End Trim 2 x PVC CAP 38.1 2 x PVC CAP 19.1

EAN: 8800227705144

Package Dimensions: 51.2 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches

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