Coffee Maker 18V Makita DCM501ZAR



Brand: Makita

Color: Red


  • the makita dcm501zar american coffee machine, powered by 10.8 - 12 - 14.4 and 18v lithium batteries, is ideal for any environment such as laboratories or construction sites, thanks to its use without electricity.
  • this coffee machine, powered by the same batteries as your power tools, offers high autonomy, which varies depending on the type of battery used; feeding it with 6.0 ah bl1860b batteries, it guarantees about 640 ml of coffee while with 12v 4.0 bl1041b batteries about 260 ml.
  • the makita dcm501zar american coffee machine is supplied with an aluminum cup, graduated can, measuring cup and two filters for american ground coffee.
  • Included components: Coffee Maker 18V Makita DCM501ZAR

Details: Makita Corporation Makita DCM501ZAR 18v Coffee Maker

EAN: 0088381871921

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.0 x 7.9 inches

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