Cookology Curved Glass Chimney Cooker Hood, Wall Mounted Extractor Fan, LED lighting, Adjustable Height (White, 60cm)



Brand: Cookology

Color: White


  • Developed by Cookology, our range of Curved Glass Cooker Hoods are the Top Rated & Best Selling Curved Glass Cooker Hoods on ZedHouses
  • Featuring a powerful motor, our Cooker Hoods are designed to extract the air from cooking with a hob in your kitchen. They get rid of smells and the washable grease filters help prevent your units, cupboards, walls and other appliances getting covered in grease and grime.
  • Our Cooker Hoods look and feel like quality appliances and feature bright and efficient LED lighting to give you excellent visibility when you are cooking for your family.
  • These curved glass extractor fans are wall mounted and the adjustable chimney sections reach up to your chimney. We are a U.K. Brand so these Hoods come with a 3 pin plug that will normally be plugged in behind the chimney.
  • If you want to vent this Hood outside you need a 150mm ducting kit like the DK1M150 or DK3M150, alternatively you can buy CF100 Recirculating Carbon filters that clean the air before it goes back into your kitchen through vents in the chimney section. The Filters and ducting kits are not included in this listing.

Details: Features: Curved glass cooker hood 2.5 W LED Lighting Strip Adjustable Chimney Wall Mounted Installation Curved Glass Canopy 3 Speeds Push Buttons Aluminium Washable Grease Filter Powerful extraction rate Installation: Recirculation possible with CF100 Carbon Filters (not included in this listing) Venting Outside possible with DK1M150 150mm x 1 metre Ducting Kit (not included in this listing) 13 amp 3-pin UK Plug Dimensions: Please see technical diagram under images

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