Cookology Downdraft Extractor Fan 60cm Kitchen Island Cooker Hood (Black Glass)



Brand: Cookology

Color: Black Glass


  • A Downdraft Cooker Hood gets built into your Kitchen counter. When its not being used, all you see is a flat, elegant strip of Black glass with Touch Controls that looks great next to a Black Ceramic or Induction Hob. It cannot be installed next to a gas hob.
  • The CDD60 is a Sleek, Cutting Edge Downdraft Extractor that will impress any guests with its gorgeous design, high quality build and professional performance.
  • This hood can be recirculated as well as ducted outside with the ACF605 carbon filter (not included in this listing).
  • When holding your finger for 2 seconds on the touch controls, the Downdraft elegantly rises up, and starts extracting smoke and smells to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and prevent grease and grime from Building up over your units whilst cooking.
  • The CDD60 also benefits from the LED Lighting that bathes your cooking area in a cool, white light, adding a touch of class to a modern kitchen - with this Downdraft Island Extractor you can also adjust the intensity of the LED Lights using the touch controls and create the right ambience in your kitchen.

Details: Cookology 60cm Downdraft Kitchen Cooker Hood Extractor Fan IMPORTANT: This appliance cannot be installed next to a gas hob and has to be duct out - it cannot be recirculated. This 60cm Downdraft Hood comes with a cut-off timer, 4 speeds and an aluminium grease filter that can be popped in the dishwasher. The Timer is also programmable, allowing you to select between 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 minutes - when the timer is done, the hood switches off the lights, stops extracting and gently lowers itself into your kitchen counter. Installation: The positioning of the motor housing can be changed to change the direction of the air outlet. You can also change which side of the Downdraft the motor is attached to. Downdraught features: 60cm downdraft hood Touch slider control operation Washable aluminium grease filter 4 speeds Lighting: 2 x 1W LED lights Functions: Cut-off timer 4 Speeds Performance: Perimeter extraction Extraction capacity: 750m3/hr Max Noise level: 67 dB Extraction possible with a ducting kit (not included) Recirculation possible with the ACF605 carbon filter (not included in this listing) 150mm Ducting Outlet Dimensions: Please look at the technical diagram for all Dimensions before ordering

EAN: 5060729970140

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