Cookology Mini Counter top, Tabletop Dishwasher, 6 place settings (Silver)

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Brand: Cookology

Color: Silver


  • The only reason households up and down the country do not have a dishwasher is space. Dishwashers are hygienic, use less water than hand washing and are incredibly convenient.
  • The dishwasher connects like any other plumbed dishwasher, but can also be fitted to a kitchen tap, as long as you can connect the standard water hose (with most taps you can simply unscrew the aerator) and connect a suitable adaptor such as 3/4" x 1/2" bush or 22mm x 3/4" coupler (depending on your tap and if and what aerator it has. The adaptors are widely available and cheap from any hardware store. Scroll through the photos if you are unsure what an aerator is).
  • The waste pipe can also be plumbed in (max elevation 60cm) or even aimed down the sink. The 6 place settings make it more than enough for bachelors, couples and small families, just look through the photos and check out the place settings diagram!
  • The attractive, modern design makes it suitable for your kitchen countertop, but you can also install it in a suitably sized cupboard, such as under the sink.
  • Lastly, this tabletop dishwasher has a 24 hour delay timer.

Details: 7 Cleaning Programmes Intensive: For heaviest soiled crockery, and normally soiled pots, pans, dishes etc. With dried-on food Normal: For normally soiled loads, such as pots, plates, glasses and lightly soiled pans ECO: This is standard program, it is suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and it is the most efficient program in terms of its combined energy and water consumption for that type of tableware Rapid: A shorter wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying 90 Min: For normally soiled loads that need quick wash Glass: For lightly soiled crockery and glass Self-cleaning: This program provides an effective cleaning of the dishwasher itself Warning Indicators: Rinse Aid: If the Rinse Aid indicator is lit, it means the dishwasher is low on dishwasher rinse aid and requires a refill Salt: If the Salt indicator is lit, it means the dishwasher is low on dishwasher salt and needs to be refilled Water Softener: You can set the salt consumption depending on the hardness of your water Technical Product Fiche: Manufacturer: Cookology Type/Description: Standard place settings: 6 Energy efficiency class: A+ Annual energy consumption: 174kWh Energy consumption of the standard cleaning cycle: 0.61kWh Power consumption of off-mode: 0.45W Power consumption of left-on mode: 0.49W Annual water consumption: 1820 litre Drying efficiency class: A Standard cleaning cycle: ECO 50℃ Program ductation of the standard cleaning cycel: 180min Noise level: 49 dB(A) re 1 pW Mounting: Freestanding Could be built-in: Yes Power consumption: 1170-1380W Rated Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz Water pressure (flow pressure): 0.04-1.0MPa+0.4-10 bar

EAN: 5057362088097

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