Cooks Professional 6.5 Litre Digital Slow Cooker & Glass Lid

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Cooks Professional 6.5 Litre Digital Slow Cooker & Glass Lid

Brand: Cooks Professional

Colour: Black


  • Flexible; Great for clump cooking, engaging heaps of individuals, preparing your food while you're grinding away and ideal for making delightful meals, sauces, entire chickens thus considerably more
  • Huge limit; Features a liberal limit of 6.5 liters, ideal for bunch cooking or cooking for an enormous family
  • Postpone work; Start the cooking cycle during a period that suits you so it's totally cooked when you're prepared to eat it, basically utilize the defer work
  • Measurements; L44 x W30 x H25cm
  • Guarantee; 2-year warranty*

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Cooks Professional 6.5 Litre Digital Slow Cooker & Glass Lid, 2 Heat Settings Including Delay & Keep Warm Function, 300W

Product Description: Cooks Professional 6.5-Liter Digital Slow Cooker Cook flavorful dishes effortlessly with this enormous limit, slow cooker from Cooks Professional. There's no compelling reason to go through hours slaving endlessly over a hot oven as this moderate cooker will do all the difficult work for you. Just select your number one fixings, pick your necessary temperature setting, either low or high, at that point take a load off. The moderate cooker will do something amazing for the duration of the day or night, preparing it to serve when you're prepared to eat. There is likewise a defer work with the goal that you can set up all the fixings in the moderate cooker and set when you need it to begin cooking. The moderate cooker likewise has a warm capacity, for keeping previously prepared food warmed through until you are prepared to eat it. On account of the convenient keep-warm setting, this moderate cooker can change into a smorgasbord style serving station right away, keeping food warm for as long as four hours, extraordinary for permitting visitors to help themselves. The drawn out cycle of moderate cooking permits any meat that is being cooked to soften, expanding flavor and deliciousness. The flexible cooker is incredible for soups, stews, dishes, curries and substantially more. There is even a small bunch of plans in the guidance manual to help kick you off. When the dinner is done, essentially eliminate within cooking bowl and wash either in the dishwasher or in warm lathery water. This moderate cooker is the ideal cooking help for anybody with a bustling way of life who actually needs to appreciate delightful home-prepared dinners. Register your item for a free broadened 2-year maker's guarantee by visiting our site. The item should be enrolled, alongside your contact data, inside 30 days of procurement. For full terms and conditions please visit the site. Particulars Dimensions: L43.5 x W30 x H24.8cm Weight: 5.68kg Power rope length: 83cm Capacity: 6.09L 220-240V AC 50-60Hz 300W

Box Dimensions: 14.4 x 14.4 x 9.6 inches

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