Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods (50 Pack x10) - Next Generation Rising Damp Treatment from The Makers of Dryzone



Brand: Dryzone


  • 🗸 10 Boxes of 50 Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods Next Generation DPC - The most effective form of damp proofing for walls; outperforms creams, gels or liquids.
  • 🗸 Fast & Simple to Install DIY rising damp treatment. Less messy than older traditional damp course injection creams or liquids
  • 🗸 No specialist equipment required - simply insert into 12mm holes in the mortar lines of a building to form a powerful waterproof barrier
  • 🗸 Exact Dosage - Delivers the correct dose every time eliminating guesswork. 10 Boxes of Dryrod 50 Coverage (for 9" wall): 60m
  • 🗸 BBA Approved – The High-Performance DPC Treatment is Certified by the British Board of Agrément to be effective against the ingress of moisture for at least 20 years

Details: No fuss, no mess, no stress. Dryrod is the next generation of rising damp treatment developed by Safeguard Europe Ltd. The patented, BBA approved 12mm diameter DIY damp proofing rods carry a powerful water repellent material, which cures to form a powerful barrier to rising damp. Once they are inserted, the rods will start to dry out the wall by slowly diffusing water repellent deep into the damp masonry, curing to form a powerful barrier to further rising damp. Installation Simply insert the 9" rods into a series of 12mm holes drilled into the lowest available continuous mortar course of the wall. No specialist pumps or mastic guns required. A normal hammer drill will suffice. Once installed they diffuse the active ingredient deep into the wall before it cures to form a water-repellent chemical damp course. Advantages over other methods The most effective rising damp treatment available - Proven to work even up to 95% saturation Quick & easy to install DIY rising damp treatment - Simply drill holes & insert the damp proofing rods to form a new chemical damp course. No mess to clean up - The active ingredient is contained within the rods so there's no chance of messy spillages that occur with other solutions for damp proofing for walls. Coverage (for 9" wall): 10 Boxes of 50 rods - 60m coverage

EAN: 5060132764671

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