Duronic Air Fryer AF1 /B BLACK| Oil-Free & Low-Fat Healthy Cooking

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Duronic Air Fryer AF1 /B BLACK| Oil-Free & Low-Fat Healthy Cooking

Brand: Duronic

Colour: Black


  • Progressed AIR FRYER: The Duronic AF1 air fryer resembles no others available; joining the old with new, it has a shocking oversimplified retro plan coordinated with a super current innovation which presents to you a productive and creative cooking experience. An extreme smaller than expected ledge stove, it is minimal in size yet additionally has a liberal chamber limit. Outfitting improved hot air flow innovation this small broiler will prepare food rapidly and equitably to deliver a delicious and solid supper.
  • More advantageous THAN TRADITIONAL FRYING: An incredible option in contrast to a customary profound fat fryer that prepares food in a lot of oil, the AF1/B air fryer is progressive since it cooks similar nourishments as a profound fat fryer however with one or the other almost no oil. You can air-fry chips, chicken, fish or any nourishments you can consider and remarkably out firm and cooked well. The taste also is comparable to how you would anticipate that seared food should taste, however with less oil and is a lot more beneficial for you.
  • LIKE A MINI OVEN, BUT FASTER: The warming component sits over the cooking chamber and emanates heat straightforwardly onto the food. Warmth is then circled by snappy wind current through the chamber and up through the container of food infiltrating each part to cook it all equally. It works like a convection stove, yet prepares food significantly quicker and with less wreck. Independent inside the lattice bushel compartment, splatters are kept in the one spot which limits the tidy up subsequent to cooking has wrapped up.
  • Simple TO CLEAN: Cleaning and taking care of your air fryer is simple and clear. The fry bushel and the skillet are removeable and launderable by one or the other hand or dishwasher. The non-stick covering of the dish and bin guarantee that insignificant scouring is required. The principle body of the machine can be just cleaned off with a clammy fabric.
  • Highlights AND SPECIFICATIONS: Included with the AF1 is a FREE COOK BOOK which gives you an entire choice of plans to attempt noticeable all around fryer. Limit: 2.2L bin/4.5L cabinet. Force: 1500W. Cooking temperature: Minimum 80°C/Maximum 200°C. Size: 31x28x23cm.

Duronic Air Fryer AF1 /B BLACK| Oil-Free & Low-Fat Healthy Cooking | Mini Oven | 1500W | 4.5L | Timer Function | Adjustable Temperature | Fry Chips, Chicken, Tasty Nutritious Meals | Free Recipe Book

Product Description:

The Duronic Air Fryer (AF1) is a progressive family fryer which utilizes protected, fast, hot air flowing innovation to prepare your food. This cycle permits you to prepare similar scrumptious food with up to 80% less fat than ordinary fryers - without settling on nourishment and flavor. It has movable temperature control of up to 200˚C and a cooking clock handle with auto-off capacity and sound pointer to tell you your food is prepared. This minimal cooking framework furnishes you with a protected, scent and splatter free cooking experience in your own personal kitchen. The Duronic Air Fryer (AF1) is family benevolent method of singing without the utilization and peril of hot oil. Dishwasher safe searing cabinet with a 4.5 liter cooking region bowl limit. Accessible clearly.

Makes dishes, for example,
Chicken Wings
Sheep Chops
Sweat corns
Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls
Singed Cod
Cooked Vegetables
Broiled Soups
What's more, even sweets!
Fixed Warranty: 2 Year (from January 2015)


Box Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.2 x 14.2 inches

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