Duronic Electric Spice Grinder Mill CG300, Mini Chopper



Duronic Electric Spice Grinder Mill CG300, Mini Chopper

Brand: Duronic


  • Ground-breaking SPICE GRINDER: The CG300 scaled down flavor plant is furnished with a 300W engine which will easily granulate through both dry and wet flavors and spices for use in cooking or preparing. By newly crushing your own flavors you can set aside cash, save money on pointless bundling of containers and parcels from locally acquired flavors, and make fresher more delicious fixings to use in your kitchen.
  • More grounded THAN OTHER GRINDERS: Most different processors have a little 150W engine, while our model has been planned with a 300W engine that works basically be pushing down on the highest point of the processor. The cunning top goes about as a switch for the unit, so when you conclude you are content with the outcome you can turn it off, saving pointless pounding and power.
  • Pounds MORE THAN SPICES: The CG300 is additionally ideal for granulating nuts, seeds, beans, espresso beans, wheat, rice, products of the soil little dry food, making this unit a flexible frill for your kitchen. It can mix together wet or dry fixings. A convenient brush is put away at the lower part of the unit to assist with cleaning.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: A treated steel removable bowl is given so you can undoubtedly move it around without moving the entire processor with it. This is additionally ideal for simple cleaning as the bowl is a different part from the real processor. the CG300 has elastic feet for holding onto your worktop, link the board at the lower part of the unit and an unmistakable cover with elastic grasp so your hands don't slip while granulating.
  • Extra FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Bowl limit: 100g. Link the board in the lower part of the processor. Non-slip feet. Treated steel bowl and sharp edge. Force: 300W. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3 pin plug.

Duronic Electric Spice Grinder Mill CG300 | 100g | 300W | Stainless-Steel Blade | For Beans, Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Seeds, Pulses and Fruit | Mini Chopper | Small Blender for Wet and Dry Ingredients

Product Description:

New ground espresso is adored by all espresso darlings, regardless of what kind it is. Regardless of whether its Arabica or Robusta, an extraordinary tasting mug of espresso should be produced using entire espresso beans that are newly ground down, preferably inside a couple of moments of cooking. Time is of the quintessence.

The Duronic CG300 Coffee Grinder factory has a removable bowl which makes it simple to move the ground espresso to your mug/cafetière/espresso machine. It is likewise very accommodating for cleaning, as opposed to cleaning the entire machine you can eliminate the bowl and simply clean that. It saves a brief period, which can be better spent getting a charge out of that incredible mug of espresso you just made!

Inside the bowl are treated steel cutting edges which will assist you with getting the flavor out of your espresso beans to accomplish that extraordinary espresso taste with less problem. Then again, you can likewise utilize this processor to mix and granulate different nourishments, for example, nuts, berries, seeds, spices, flavors, ginger and garlic. It has countless utilizations that it will quick turn into an esteemed piece of your kitchen worktop.

CG300 Coffee Grinder Features:
Productive and ground-breaking 300W engine
One touch activity
Removable treated steel crushing bowl
Treated steel sharp edge
Dark top with elastic grasp
Elastic feet for added security
100g espresso limit
What's in the crate?
Espresso processor with UK plug
Treated steel bowl
Clear cover
Guidance manual

Box Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.5 x 7.3 inches

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