Eden Bridge Designs Accent Cabinet, Slate Grey, Sideboards

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Eden Bridge Designs Accent Cabinet, Slate Grey, Sideboards

Brand: Eden Bridge Designs

Colour: Slate Grey


  • Fun shading fly within
  • Customizable metal pivots
  • Fixed racks
  • Contemporary shut stockpiling
  • Customizable elastic feet

Eden Bridge Designs Accent Cabinet, Slate Grey, Sideboards, One Size

Product Description: Add a bonus to your home with this advanced shading pop highlight bureau. Inside this contemporary reassure there are fixed racks that make four compartments of different sizes, additionally, the inside is done with a pleasant shade of paint. Rather than pompous handles that would occupy from the smooth outside of this highlight bureau, there is a focal removed that permits you to open both of the entryways. Every entryway is affixed with movable metal pivots. This hip stockpiling rack likewise accompanies customizable elastic feet so you can station this piece on whatever floor you'd like without a consideration.

Box Dimensions: 35.0 x 19.5 x 7.5 inches

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