eelo 1885 PRO Disc Folding Electric Bike



eelo 1885 PRO Disc Folding Electric Bike

Brand: eelo

Colour: White 1885 PRO


  • Ideal FOR STORAGE: The collapsing outline permits you to just store the bicycle in the most impenetrable of spots like under a work area, boot of a vehicle or even into a convey pack when not being used, making the bicycle truly managable while putting away. The casing is aluminum keeping the bicycle unimaginably lightweight at just 16.5kg. Collapsed Size: 60cm x 38cm x 58cm.
  • IMPROVED BATTERY PERFORMANCE: Our association with LG has lead to the advancement of Advanced Battery Management which astutely shields the battery from over strain when cycling up slope or into solid breezes. The battery sits in the focal top cylinder which secures the battery and will make charging far simpler than most electric bicycles. This thus safeguards the battery life any longer than most electric bicycles. Our battery is equipped for charging in 4-6 hours and can last up to 40 miles.
  • THUMB THROTTLE CONTROL: Giving the rider unlimited authority over how much help they need from the battery. The rider can decide to have next to no help or can let the battery accomplish all the work giving the cyclist an easy ride without switching gears, and reach up to 15mph.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAY: Designed to keep the rider mindful of their present speed, current battery status and the external temperature. The illuminated presentation has additionally been intended to be totally waterproof. Key Product Features
  • Wellbeing IN MIND: Our eelo bicycles all come fitted with excellent LED lights for late evening riding security. Plate slows down likewise guarantee bicycles slowing down separation is diminished adding to the security of the rider.

eelo 1885 PRO Disc Folding Electric Bike - Portable Easy to Store in Caravan, Motor Home, Boat. Short Charge Lithium-Ion Battery and Silent Motor eBike

Binding: Sports

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