Electric Griddle Adjustable Temperature Smokeless Non-Stick



Electric Griddle Adjustable Temperature Smokeless Non-Stick

Brand: Lucn


  • Both the preparing plate and the fish plate have covered surfaces, protected, non-poisonous, eco-accommodating, non-stick, simple to clean.
  • With temperature control plan, the stuff can be chosen varying, the programmed power-off plan in each stuff that can keep the food from being heated awful.
  • Against slip section configuration can get the stove far from the table top.
  • Premium warming cylinder can viably accumulate energy and direct warmth rapidly.
  • power plug all can be isolated from the broiler base, making it clean without any problem.

Electric Griddle Adjustable Temperature Smokeless Non-Stick Plates Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill 1500W Indoor or Out(XL, 67x29.5x8.5cm)

Product Description: Electric Table Top Grill Griddle BBQ Hot Plate Camping Cooking Cast Feature - L Size: 48 x 27 x 8 cm. - XL Size:67x29.5x8.5cm. - L Size Suitable for 1-3 people use. - XL Size Suitable for 4-6 people use. - Voltage: 220V. - Power: 1500W. - Working Temperature:100-240℃. Bundle incorporates 1 X Electric Table Top Grill Description The counter pallet section configuration can get the broiler far from the table top, keep up high warmth dissemination execution, and won't harm the table top when barbecuing. The acceptance pole receives vacuum plan, which can lead power all the more quickly and the enlistment is more delicate.

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