ESPRO, Brushed Stainless Steel, Coffee Press



ESPRO, Brushed Stainless Steel, Coffee Press

P7 32 oz, Vacuum Insulated, Brushed Stainless Steel, 1 Liter

Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Espresso YOU'LL LOVE. Espro's protected twofold small scale channel makes the rich flavors and smells of press espresso, without the coarseness
  • THE PERFECT EXTRACTION. Your espresso grinds are completely inundated during preparing, for an even extraction
  • EXTRACTION THAT STOPS ON A DIME. In the wake of squeezing, extraction stops, so every taste tastes great
  • HOT FOR HOURS. Tempered steel with vacuum protection carefully holds heat, so flavor is unequivocally conveyed and your blend remains hot
  • PAPER FILTERS FOR POUR-OVER STYLE. Discretionary paper channels help re-make the kinds of pour-over espresso. Incorporates 25 unit starter-pack of paper channels
  • 32 oz press serves 2-4 individuals. Brushed hardened steel, in retail bundling. BPA, BPS, and phthalate free.

Product Description: The ESPRO Press is intended to take the client's own deliberately created inclinations – the bean and dish, the leaf – and wed them with an idealized situation for brewing.Two developments are at the core of the procedure. To start with, ESPRO's protected twofold smaller scale channel gives individuals the unmistakable, rich flavor they'd expect, without all the wreckage related with a conventional press. Also, second, the plan of the press and channels forestalls over-removed espresso or tea from entering the drink once the unclogger is pushed down.For French-press espresso sweethearts, the ESPRO Press achieves what was already outlandish: profound and rich flavor, with all the sweet-smelling oils, yet with no coarseness in their cup.Espro IncWe're amidst a renaissance. Mixes are offering approach to single varietals. Newness is as a rule deliberately oversaw. The narratives of the rancher and mindful horticulture are getting known. Quality is being remunerated and purchasers are turning out to be connoisseurs.At ESPRO, we're pleased to be a fundamental piece of that movement.We create apparatuses that assist individuals with improving espresso, tea, and coffee. We are fixated on joining reliable preparing methods with innovation and development to bring the structure and capacity of our items to the most elevated perfect. We are committed to flavor and procedure and art and creativity.Everything we do bolsters espresso and tea sweethearts to make their best cup - just, consistently, everywhere throughout the world.That's what we mean when we state, ESPRO MAKE IT BETTER Reviews WIRED - A French Press that works.WINE SPECTATOR - The best press pot I've ever used.NEW YORK TIMES - The result is a rich, spotless, sweet-smelling mug of espresso. Also, the protected compartment, which keeps up the espresso temperature, is flawless enough to go on the table.MARTHA STEWART - It works! The outcome is a lavishly seasoned, very fragrant mug of espresso without the standard sediment in the bottom.POPULAR SCIENCE - It unquestionably accomplishes its objective to bring a press-pot mug of espresso without the coarseness ... since it's perceptibly lighter and cleaner I'm nearly enticed to place it in its own category.AwardsIn 2015, The Espro Travel Press got the Specialty Coffee Association of America Best New Product Award, and the Coffeefest Best New Product Award.In 2016, The Espro Press P5 got the Specialty Coffee Association of America Best New Product Award, and the World Tea Expo Best New Product Award.The same fermenting and separating innovation is in the Espro Press P7, and the entirety of our Espro Presses.Friends For Life GuaranteeWe plan items that improve espresso, tea, and coffee, and are worked to last. We ensure it.If clients are not happy with an ESPRO item when they get it, or on the off chance that one of our items doesn't perform after some time, they may return it to us for a fix, substitution, or discount. Harm because of inappropriate use, absence of cleaning, or mileage will be fixed at a sensible charge. Box Contains espresso press^ 2-piece channel

Box Dimensions: 10.7 x 6.5 x 5.0 inches

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