Femor Smoker Barbecue 3 in 1 Multi-Function Charcoal Barbecue Thermometer Included with Hooks, 3 Large Capacity Grills for Outdoor Cooking Parties, 80 x 44.5 x 44.5 cm 16 inches



Brand: Femor


  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】: 3-in-1 multi-function charcoal barbecue can be used for roasting, smoking and heating, the double layer can be used as a grill and smoking. As a smoker for roasting, smoking and cooking, our product can meet your different needs. In winter it can also be used as a heater to keep your family warm.
  • 【GREAT QUALITY】: Double layer barbecue, double enamel baking tray, larger capacity, can meet the needs of many people at the same time, save carbon, grilling quickly. With 2 x 37 cm steel grids and 1 x 25 cm charcoal grids in the smoking barrel, you can prepare meat, fish, chicken and sausage without worry.
  • 【TEMPERATURE CONTROL】: Equipped with a thermometer that allows you to control the temperature inside the oven. With the adjustable air vent on the lid and thermometers, you can accurately control the cooking temperature while adjusting the fire power. Through the small door, which can be alternated, you can control the cooking status of food at any time and recharge coal at any time.
  • 【SIMPLE AND SAFE OPERATION】: Easy to install and disassemble, suitable for beginners, suitable for home, outdoor and parties, double door design, easy to add and take. High quality 304 stainless steel grille ensures the safety of grilled food. Enamelled charcoal pot can be used stably. The smoker with handle is easy to carry.
  • 【LONGEVITY AND WARRANTY】: Due to the iron structure, it is durable, the vertical design saves space, offers more capacity. Our brand Femor deserves your confidence. BUY NOW COMES WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you have any problems with the product, please contact us by email. We will give you the satisfactory suggestion.

Details: ▶Product Description: ▶Note: 1. The smoker should only be used outdoors and should rest firmly on a firm, level, non-combustible surface protected from the wind. 2.Keep children away from the smoker during use and until they are cold. 3. Any modification to this device can be dangerous. 4. Use this smoker only outdoors in well ventilated areas. Do not use in a garage, building or other enclosed space. 5. Do not use the smoker within 1 m (3 ft) of flammable material. 6. The entire cooking appliance heats up during operation. Do not leave unattended. ▶Smoker Care: 1.Before first use and after cleaning, apply a light coating of vegetable oil or vegetable spray to the inner surface of the dome cover, the smoker's body, the grills and the water pan. This simple process helps reduce internal rust. DO NOT apply oil to the charcoal pan. 2.Before closing the dome cover, burn the carbon fuel (approximately 20 minutes). Otherwise, vapors could be trapped in the smoker's charcoal and cause a flash or explosion when the lid is opened. 3. If the embers in the charcoal pan are hot, close the dome cover. ▶Specification: Brazier size: 38 * 38 * 9.5cm Matfire net: 25 * 25cm Grilled fillet: 37.5 * 37.5cm The first layer of the oven body size: 41.5 * 41.5 * 22.5cm The second layer of the oven body size: 42 * 42 * 22.5cm Top cover size: 41 * 41 * 18cm Temperature dial range: 50 ° C to 300 ° C (100 ° F to 600 ° F)

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