Fire Pit, Pizza Oven 12", Stainless Steel Oven, UK Made



Fire Pit, Pizza Oven 12", Stainless Steel Oven, UK Made

Product description:  UK Manufactured tempered steel pizza stove that isolates to take into consideration use as an independent fire pit, can be utilized in any case. The fire pit is produced using 4mm steel and welded. Accompanies tempered steel oar to use as a pizza plate to cook on. Will fit an up to a 12" Pizza. Generally size is 18x13x13 Inch Items included: the steel fire pit, hardened steel stove, and spotless oar For 360 View PLEASE NOTE: This item is specially made New, anyway may have the odd scratch because of the steel gave from the Mill. It is a crude material and subject to rusting. We suggest putting away in a dry spot while not being used and covering the gentle steel fire pit with a light covering of vegetable oil to slow the rusting cycle. Anyway because of the thickness of the metal the rust ought not influence the structure. Lawful Disclaimer You should eliminate the plastic defensive covering before use and we suggest cleaning the broiler.

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