Frame Full-length Mirror, Household Wall-mounted/Floor



Frame Full-length Mirror, Household Wall-mounted/Floor

Brand: WLH-Bathroom mirror

Colour: White


  • Edge material: Use polymer PS froth edge to reestablish strong wood feeling, dampness evidence and erosion confirmation, no paint, natural security, wonderful and stable
  • Mirror material: 5MM thick top notch glass reflect, clear picture without bending, multi-point centering representation, more lovely photographs
  • Floor/hanging double reason plan: top notch collapsing iron section, which can be set on the floor; the back is furnished with twofold column snares, which can be held tight the divider
  • Broadly utilized: appropriate for numerous spots, for example, lounge, hallway, room, entrance, garments store, and so on, lovely and environmental
  • Administration ensure: We generally offer the best assistance to our clients. On the off chance that you have any inquiries when you get the mirror, if it's not too much trouble reach us first, and we will fathom it for you with an agreeable arrangement.

HD Ultra-fine Frame Full-length Mirror, Household Wall-mounted/Floor-to-ceiling Dual-purpose Full-length Mirror, Clothes Shop Dormitory Bedroom Floor Mirror Fitting Mirror

Product Description: Item name: full-length reflect Product size: 40×150CM, 50×150CM, 60×160CM, 70×170CM Color: dark, white, pecan, regular wood Shape: square shape Mirror material: top notch silver mirror glass Frame material: polymer PS froth material Style: Nordic Applicable climate: parlor, passage, room, entrance, attire store and different spots Installation type: floor-mounted/divider mounted 〖NOTE〗 1. Sound protection sheets, gypsum sheets, composite sheets, consumed dividers, and so forth, dividers that can't be punctured, can't be divider mounted 2. This item just contains (full-length reflect), barring different things engaged with the image 3. Because of manual estimation, the genuine size will have a mistake of 1-2cm, which is typical 4. Because of various PC goals and different reasons, there might be shading distinction between the item and the genuine item, which is typical

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