Fridja f1000 Professional Vertical Garment/Steamer Ideal for Suits and Delicate Materials Including Wedding Dresses - Updated Model … (Black)



Brand: Fridja

Color: Black


  • 💨 READY IN 35 SECONDS - Heats cold water into thick steam in under 35 seconds, eliminates creases, refreshes fabric, reduces bacteria and vanishes odours. Ideal for all delicate fabric including suits, wedding dresses, silk, saris, dry clean only, curtains, soft furnishing, bedding
  • 👔 EASY TO USE - 2.2 Litre Detachable Water Tank providing 65 Minute Continuous Steaming, 1500 Watt Stainless Steel Element Lightweight Soft Handle with Stainless Steel Head, Clothes Hanger, Fabric Brush, Trouser Attachment Included, Ideal For Steaming Through Piles Of Clothes
  • ✨ KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA - Protect your clothes and soft furnishings by steaming and killing harmful bacteria. Use on clothes that cannot be washed such as jackets, suits, coats, bedding, sofas, curtains and more. Steaming with high temperature can kill bacteria and viruses.
  • ⚡ IMPROVED MODEL - Unibody head with no screws, faster starting time, 20% more steam, improved stand and better accessories! A product with ten years of history that can be trusted and relied on for domestic and commercial use!
  • 👍 TRIED AND TESTED - As Used By Retail Stores, 'The Product We Want' by Evening Standard, Fashion Shows Around Europe, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Triple Offer Winner On Dragons' Den. Ideally for fast use to clean and remove wrinkles, odours and bacteria.

Details: Product Description Fridja f1000 Professional Garment Steamers * Watch our YouTube videos now - search 'Fridja' * The Fridja f1000 is an amazing alternative to ironing and dry cleaning. Taking just 45 seconds to heat cold water into thick, dense steam. Simply hang your clothes on the hanger or pegs and stroke the material for creases to melt and fabrics to refresh. Use Everyday Clothes steamers excel when using on delicate fabrics. Fridja clothes steamers are ideal to freshen up suits and avoid dry cleaning, which can lead to shiny suits. Fridja steamers will never damage delicates such as wedding dresses and Asian clothing such as saris (lay on the bed whilst steaming) and Punjabi suits. Use a steamer rather than an iron so you can be confident when using on delicate fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, clothes with decorative details like beads and sequins, dry clean only clothes, like suits and winter coats. Steam is also effective in refreshing and sanitising fabrics, so you could use it on curtains, soft furnishings, drapes, sofas, bedding, baby's clothes and toys. Fridja steamers use no harsh chemicals or detergents, so safe for your clothing, business and family. Included The f1000 professional clothes steamer comes with a variety of attachments inside the box including a upholstery fabric brush (ideal for soft furnishing, bedding and curtains), a trouser clasp for perfect front creases in trousers, a hand ironing mat ideal for collars of shirts and a stand with a folding hanger and clothes pegs to make steaming easy. Fridja clothes steamers are used across Europe at fashion events, retail stores (including supplying Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger widely across Europe) and most famously on Dragons' Den (video easily found by Googling Fridja Dragons' Den). Note: Clothes steamers can take a short while to build steam for the first time. Use the steamer for a couple of hours to ensure that it has settled into full operation. Soon you should find the steamer produces a strong and consistent plume suitable for most tasks. Also please check the video section on the manufacturer's website, where there are nearly fifty video tutorials with tips for getting professional results with your steamer. Once you know the correct techniques it's really very simple. Box Contains 1 x Fridja Garment Steam; Manual

EAN: 0610074843061

Package Dimensions: 14.9 x 13.2 x 12.7 inches

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