FrithRugs Foxi Anti Slip, 230 x 160cm Rug Size Anti Creep Rug Underlay. For Carpeted Floors



Brand: FrithRugs


  • Synthetic Material
  • 2mm thickness
  • Stops rugs creeping on fitted carpet and hard floors
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Choose your RUG size from the list above.

Details: Made from synthetic material which leaves no residue, this excellent product is the best product available to help prevent rugs moving on fitted carpets. Preventing your rug from creeping and stopping the creasing effect which can prematurely wear your rug out. Please Note that in certain instances it may be necessary for the underlay to be supplied in more than one piece depending on the size required. This will in no way affect the performance of the underlay. Lay name facing up on Carpet and name facing down on Hard floors. Choose your rug size from options above, underlay will be cut up to 5cm smaller all around from that size. Not suitable for rubber backed mats or off cuts of fitted carpet.

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