Gourmia Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator

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Gourmia Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator

Brand: Gourmia

Colour: Black


  • Clasp and COOK: Securely cinches onto any (heat-safe) container, pot, or skillet of up to 10 gallons, for totally sans hands circling and cooking.
  • Delectably TENDER: Constant 360º water flow of 2.1 gallons every moment keeps up even and delicate warmth preparing food to clammy flawlessness while permitting rich, profound, flavor immersion.
  • Computerized DISPLAY: Conveniently skewed LCD control board highlights hyper-exact, set and working time/temperature readings. Utilize the turning wheel to handily change your favored concocting settings of to 203°F and 59 hours.
  • Reduced POWER: Don't be tricked by it's little size; this 1200 watt engine is the most grounded available.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, pay attention to the nature of our items. This item is ETL ensured so you can be certain that you're getting a protected, effective, great apparatus.

Gourmia Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator - Accurate Cooking - Digital Timer - Black - UK Plug

Product Description: Would we be able to disclose to you a mystery? Sous Vide. It's the means by which the best culinary experts on the planet get the most wet, mouth-watering dishes-each and every time. Also, presently you can as well! This Gourmia GSV140 Sous Vide Pod streamlines the whole cycle, and packs in the intensity of a lot bigger, complex sous vide stove options into one drenching case POWERHOUSE. It's little enough to stick in a cabinet, yet don't allow it's to estimate fool you. This Sous Vide brags 1200 watts without hands cooking power. Just clasp on to your (heat safe) pot, container, or bucket,and utilize the pivoting time/temperature wheel to handily change your favored cooking settings. At that point drop in your sacks of food, and leave! The splendid, skewed LCD control board includes a hyper exact indoor regulator to the +/ - 0.1º degree. The Pod will flow continually to keep an even and delicate water temperature, preparing food to sodden flawlessness, while permitting rich, profound, flavor immersion. Look at the free formula book for a portion of our number one Sous Vide plans, similar to Butter-Poached Beet Salad with Pecans, Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney, and White Chocolate Creme Brulee! Gourmia's main goal is to make regular cooking simple, solid, and delectable. Our items convey a better quality of development, execution, and worth. Our authors are specialists in the cutting edge universe of little machines and are enthusiastic about furnishing our clients with trustworthy, effective instruments that will make life in the kitchen fun and simple.

Box Dimensions: 18.2 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches

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