Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter Hydraulic Wood Cutter 7 TON with DUOBLADE



Brand: Forest Master


  • The blades split the log from both ends unlike a conventional splitter
  • Splits Logs With A Diameter Of Up To 400mm
  • For any further information please contact our UK customer helpline on 0191 2966966
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor, energy saving which doesn't use electricity when not in cycle
  • Filled with oil ready to use

Details: Forest Master's electric log splitter is a sturdy log splitter capable of splitting logs up to 430mm in length. The log splitter is set to 7ton splitting power. The unit is supplied fitted with the duocut blade allowing the splitter to cut through the logs at either side. Comes with work bench and safety cage to meet latest CE regulations. Featuring two hand operation and supplied with the workbench and safety guard, using a log splitter has never been safer, once attached the safety guard allows you to split logs and contain them, this prevents any debris leaving the cage, in turn greatly reducing the risk of injury. The safety guard is also different from other designs, by removing the holes on the sides, the possibility of a log damaging the guard is greatly reduced. This also means that the log splitter meets the latest safety standards. Specifications: Includes the Duocut blade Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz Standard UK 3 pin plug Power: 2200 Watt The blades split the log from both ends unlike a conventional splitter If one blade encounters as knot, the other blade continues to split, forcing the wood to part Max Log Length: 430mm 17” 3/4 with Duocut Blade Max Log Diameter 400mm with Duocut blade Net Weight: 47kg Certificate: CE approved Weather protected to IP54 15 second cycle time With our Ram stop product there is no need to do the full cycle! Advantage of using a second blade: When fitted with the Duocut Blade the splitting effectiveness is doubled Increases the normal splitter performance by having 2 pressure contact points instead of 1 Allows the log splitter to split logs from both ends reducing splitting time and allowing larger diameter logs to be split than using the splitter without the attachment The additional blade is lower than the opposing blade giving it more pressure to split Sharper 1st angle to penetrate, then reduced angle to open greater helping to pull the wood apart Helps prevent logs jumping out during splitting

EAN: 3672575372577

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