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ZedHouses | Homfa Chest of Drawers Floor Cabinet

Colour: White


  • This tall 4 drawers chest is perfect for collapsed garments and littler things. Made of strong MDF with a smooth painted completion, it has simple open metal cabinet sprinters.
  • 4 profound drawers offer enough extra rooms for basics and individual things. Rich and consumption mental handle with slide rail total the look, with a high-sparkle chrome finish.
  • Made of top notch MDF got done with white paint, which is tough, sturdy, straightforward and smooth.
  • You can utilize it in any room of your home. Its basic, present day configuration mixes in consummately with any enrichments.
  • Measurements: 50cmx40cmx95cm. Profundity of drawer:12cm. Simple to amass, guidance will control you bit by bit.


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