Honeywell CMT727D1016 White CM700 RF 7 Day Wireless Programmable Room Receiver



Brand: Honeywell

Details: The Honeywell CM700 Wireless is a modern wireless programmable room thermostat based on Honeywell’s proven programming philosophy. To further improve the ease of use, this product includes a large LCD display with backlighting to assist customers during daily use. The CM700  room thermostat communicates with the BDR91 relay box on an 868MHz Radio Frequency (RF) band to control a single heating system component such as a boiler, pump or zone valve. Neither product will communicate with other RF products that use different frequencies or communication protocols. Note: The RF link between the individual room thermostat CM700  and relay box (BDR91) in system packs provided by Honeywell is preconfigured at the factory and therefore SHOULD be installed at the same site. This makes the installation process fast and easy, but if products from individual system packs are separated, or mixed with other pre-configured system packs during installations please refer to section 5.1 Binding / Rebinding Procedure to bind the desired units together and allow them to communicate with each other.

EAN: 5025121388597

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.6 x 4.2 inches

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