HUANUO Adjustable Footrest with 2 Optional Foot Cushions

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HUANUO Adjustable Footrest with 2 Optional Foot Cushions


Colour: Black-A


  • Ergonomic ottoman office - Improving stance and blood dissemination by holding your feet and advantages, which causes you to feel more great. Loosening up your legs and back when you work in the workplace or at home, in any event, when you are playing game. Not exclusively would footstools be able to address sitting stance yet in addition help alleviate uneasiness in the shoulder or intervertebral plate territory
  • Multifunctional ottomans - The stature can be changed physically in 2 distinct positions: 10.5 cm/15.2 cm (interface two foot pads with Velcro). It's anything but difficult to locate the ideal situation to address your issues. You can likewise move the hassock pad under your knees or lower legs when you sit on the floor or rests
  • Easy to understand plan - The underside with top notch silicone can forestall dangerous, yet additionally has delicate back rub work. The pillowcase can be effectively taken out for cleaning and reusing. The zipper is situated on the tangle. You don't need to stress over moving the cushions to cause the event of scratches on the floor
  • Great materials - The filler is made of high-thickness memory cotton with magnificent flexibility that finds a way into the bottoms of your feet and supports them simultaneously. The size of the whole item is 43.2 * 28.7 * 15.2cm
  • Pre-gathered - Footstool for under work area can be utilized straightforwardly without introducing. What's more, the stool arrives in a dark sturdy development for simple cleaning and organizing with encompassing stylistic theme

HUANUO Adjustable Footrest with 2 Optional Foot Cushions, Non-slip Foot Stools for Office, Home, Travel


Box Dimensions: 17.6 x 12.0 x 6.9 inches

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