Hydrangea Macrophylla Tree Collection



Hydrangea Macrophylla Tree Collection

Brand: GardenersDream

Color: Pink


  • Hydrangea Macrophylla Trees are well-known with garden enthusiasts for their lovely array of vibrant colours and compacted structure. Throughout the tree’s life, it will form into an oval shaped bush, presenting stunning flowers and foliage through the flourishing season. This tree is the perfect plant for small gardens, patios, borders and mixed containers.
  • Trained into a ‘lollipop’ single stem, these deciduous trees can reach an ultimate height of 150cm & spread of around 200cm.
  • The Macrophylla Tree requires little maintenance due to their hardy and compact structure. They prefer moist soils, so if exposed to direct sunlight, make sure to water regularly. The trees can tolerate most extreme weather temperatures. Prune back towards the end of their flourishing season to encourage fresh, variegated growth for the following year.
  • Hydrangea Trees are valued all year round for their stunning display of toughness. Emerging in Spring with maturing shades of green and light red, pink, blue or white colours (depending on which tree you purchase), before entering their flourishing season during Summer where these bright colours take over the tree with a beautiful green foliage to match. Then coming into the trees dormant stage over Winter, the warm colours will begin to fade away and begin the cycle all over again.

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