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ZedHouses | Industrial Retro Black Iron Floor Lamp

Colour: Black


  • Approx 169cm tall and 37cm wide and 27cm profound
  • Produced using dark metal with a bothered completion
  • Light is non customizable, stature fixed at 169cm
  • Requires huge screw bulb E27 40w max
  • Shiny new and in box

Product Description: Approx 169cm tall and 37cm wide and 27cm profound Industrial style Made from dark metal with an upset completion Lamp is non movable, stature fixed at 169cm Long force string included Requires enormous screw bulb E27 40w max Adjustable head edge Brand new and in box This item is fresh out of the plastic new yet has a purposely troubled completion, this implies it is intended to seem more established than it really is. This is a vintage modern style item and is deliberately made to seem as though it is of vintage age. This thing is intended to have imprints and scratches that have been intentionally included giving it the appeal and character normally connected with vintage mechanical style furniture.

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