Innova Steam Stovetop Espresso Makers | Good for 1 Cup 60ml - 2oz (Violet) | Italian Moka, Coffee Percolator, Brewing Pot, Cafetiere Coffee | Octagonal Design, Aluminium Steel, Insulated Handle



Brand: Innova

Color: Violet


  • ✪ WE GOT YOUR BACK | Innova is a company that prides itself on creating high-quality, durable, and affordable products to help your everyday life style whether at home, office or even outdoors. Do not stop yourself from getting a product that you think will help you.
  • ✪ BEAUTIFUL MORNING EVERY TIME | Our stovetop espresso maker produces rich and authentic Italian coffee in just minutes. Cordless, quiet, and easy to use. Considered as the perfect option for brewing coffee.
  • ✪ A PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY COFFEE LOVER | We all have that friend or a family member that loves a steaming hot delicious newly brewed coffee, right? Then why stop tasting richness? It is time for you to give them a proper brewing tool to boost not only thier happiness but also thier energy to finish more serious daily activities.
  • ✪ CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES! | Sizes available: 60ml - 2oz (good for 1 espresso cup), 200ml - 6.5oz (good for 3 espresso cups) and 300ml - 10oz (good for 6 espresso cups). Colours available: Red, black, purple, blue, silver.
  • ✪ PLEASE TAKE NOTE | This item is NOT designed to be used on induction hobs. Also, some images shown may represent the range of product, or be for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the chosen size.

Details: InnovaWe offer an extensive range of products and never compromise on quality. We want to be considered as the best place for shopping for these items.Our Stovetop Espresso Maker offer features and benefits that are worth your every penny.* High-quality material used* Aluminium steel* Insulated handle* Octagonal design* Easy to use and clean* Coffee brewing in munites* Safe and conserves electricity* Taste Italian espresso in the comfort of your home* Different colours available* Available in different sizes:          - 60ml - 2oz (good for 1 espresso cup)          - 200ml - 6.5oz (good for 3 espresso cup)          - 300ml - 10oz (good for 6 espresso cup)

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