Inofia Sleep Handcrafted 4FT6 Double Mattress,12 Inch L&Y Cloud Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Sprung,Medium Firm Feel,Pressure Relieving,OEKO-TEX Certified,Bed-in-a-Box

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Brand: Inofia Sleep


  • ⭐PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS - Our L&Y Cloud Memory Foam has the perfect density to absorb body weight and equalize, high-density base foam Relieves pressure points and conforms to your body, provides unparalleled support during the night, luxurious feel that hugs your curves like no other
  • ⭐ULTRA QUIET - Excellent Shock Absorption and Resilience; Creative barrel-type spring with single-point contact design, and seal it in a non-woven fabric, thereby effectively absorb noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning. No longer disturb your companion and effectively reduce your turning times, let you spend a calm and peaceful night.
  • ⭐OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED - A Safe Mattress to sleep on; Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, bacteria, and is meets OEKO-TEX standards for performance, emissions, and durability, ideal for kids and adults.
  • ⭐WORRY FREE - Sleep values every customer’s shopping experience and also believes in the quality of our products. Therefore your Sleep mattress comes with 100 night free trial and 10-year limited warranty; Mattress ships compressed, rolled and shipped in a box.
  • ⭐TUFT HANDCRAFTED MATTRESS - Sleep handcrafted mattresses are designed and constructed with the finest materials available, applying Handcrafted Tufting and Premium Jacquard fabric for luxurious comfort, Natural Fibres for temperature control. Every piece of material used making sure you experience the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

Details: ◾ RestfulnightstartsfromInofiaL&YcloudMemoryFoam&TuftExpertlyHandcraftedwith CreativeBarrel-typeSpring,Yournightiswhatmattersmost. ◾InofiaTuftCollection.Stayinguplate?Ofcourseyouare.We’vegotyourbackwithcreative barrel-typepocketspringthatadjusttoyourbody.It.Feels.AMAZING.Plus,thoseexpertly handcraftedtuftandL&Ycloudfoamsoyouandyourpartnerbothdreamsweetdreams.Allof whichisjustourwayofsaying:youneverhavetothinkaboutyourmattressagain.So....sleepon. ◾ Instructionsforuseforcare Protectthemattressfromliquids,suchaswater Donotjumponthemattressandventilatewell. Recommendtousewithmattressprotectors. Themattressshouldbeturnedorrotatedregularly(2weeks)toallowthematerialtorecover. ◾ Therearetwoimportantthingstorememberwhenitcomestobuyingamattress: -Yourbodyneedsupto4week'stimetogetusedtoanewmattress -Yourvacuum-packedmattressneeds24-72hourtofullyrecover TIPS: ◾Differentpeoplehavedifferentfeelingsoffirmnessandsoftness,somemayfeelhard, whilesomemayfeelsoftatfirst, pleasegiveitenoughtimetoadjustyouafterthefirst impression.Besides,weightisoneoftheimportantfactors. Itishardforustomakeourmattresstosatisfyallpeoplealthoughwetryourbest.Ifyou haveanyproblemwithourproduct,feelfreetocontactusdirectly,weoffer24-hour customerservice.

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