Boao Set of 9 Watercolor Words Inspirational Quote Art Print

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Boao Set of 9 Watercolor Words Inspirational Quote Art Print

Brand: Boao


  • What you will get: 9 pieces watercolor words helpful statement craftsmanship print with 40 paste focuses dabs; The divider banners with surface covered for a sturdy and dependable use, and every one is around 8 x 10 inches (W x H)
  • Strong material: motivational statements styles are made of hard card stock, with great printing innovation makes each card is lively and colorfast, solid and reusable, non-poisonous and no odd smell
  • Simple use: setting up your #1 edge, our inspirational craftsmanship painting is great with 8 x 10 inch outline; It's anything but difficult to take our specialty prints into the image outline; It takes a couple of moments to enhance your home pleasantly; (Note: our craft prints don't contain picture outlines)
  • Moving enrichment: when kids see our persuasive statement banners, they can realize that they should be a caring individual since adolescence, have their own little dreams, trust in themselves fearlessly and improve
  • Bright plan and multipurpose: this watercolor words helpful statement banners can be applied as divider enrichments and photograph props, sticking to anyplace you like to enliven your home; Combined alluring and dynamic watercolors lettering, they will promptly became intriguing and the focal point of your home, obscuring the enhancements around it

Boao Set of 9 Watercolor Words Inspirational Quote Art Print Motivational Quote Phrases Inspiring Wall Poster Art Painting for Nursery or Kids Room Modern Decoration Unframed

Product Description: Set of 9 watercolor words moving statement craftsmanship print persuasive statement phrases motivating divider banner workmanship painting for nursery or children room current adornment unframed Quality material and surface covered: The uplifting saying divider stylistic theme is made of hard card stock which is dynamic and colorfast, tough and reusable, non-poisonous and no odd smell. With surface covered for a strong and durable use. Brightly promising: These persuasive banners are with uplifting saying that can be applied as divider enhancements and photograph props, gluing to anyplace you like to enliven your home. They can likewise be given as a blessing to your kid. Detail: Size: around 8 x 10 inches (W x H) Package incorporates : 9 x Watercolor words rousing statement craftsmanship print 40 x Glue focuses spots Notes: Our specialty prints don't contain picture outlines, so you need to set up the edge you need to place our items in. All the examples and mottos imprinted on the item are only for enhancement, not as brand name utilizing. Our brand name is Boao. Little articles are incorporated, kindly avoid youngsters under 3 years of age.

Box Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.2 x 0.3 inches

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